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EcoTopia is inmiddels een internationale groep creatieven, consultants en ontwerpers, bij elkaar gebracht door Lilian Vieira en Ina Smittenberg, die samen werken aan duurzame initiatieven in Nederland en Brazilie. Vandaar dat de tekst van deze paragraaf verder in het Engels is gesteld.

EcoTopia is a project group of creatives, artists & consultants, founded by Lilian Vieira and Ina Smittenberg, organising inspiring events and sustainable initiatives in the Netherlands and Brazil. The BoomBoomBrazil parties are a vital part!

EcoTopia was founded at the end of 2012 and was joined by a very nice group of people form Holland and Rio the Janeiro, working mostly in the creative or consultancy industries. Our wish was – and is – to use our creative and cognitive skills and expertise, in contributing to the development of innovative initiatives both in Europe and Brazil. These initiatives should have development, sustainability and autonomy as cornerstones. 
We wish to do this not so much through fundraising, but through the organisation of inspiring events like a cool party, a design workshop, a learning, prototyping, knowledge-and-skills-transfer visit to Brazil, yet another cool party. This way our network would be put to use, as well as our skills, and we would have reciprocity and fun in the process. We connected with two organisations in Brazil: Onda Solidaria and El Nagual, both working with un(der)privileged communities in Brazil, by education, development  and the raising of autonomy. Ricardo Calçado (Onda) has been our contact from the beginning. In September 2012 he acquired a plot of land on which he is now building his EcoVila. A great opportunity for us to contribute something tangible! Together we decided on an Eco Hotel as a topic and goal for our EcoTopia group.